Squarts: The Highlights of the 00’s Fashion World

When I was a kid, my mom wanted me so badly to wear the all-hip 00’s denim skirts. I hated them and REFUSED to wear them. However, she did stick me in something that I would wear from 1st all the way to 5th grade. That piece of clothing was… *drum roll*


If you don’t know what squarts are, they are the ever so famous skirts that were also shorts. Hence the name, squarts.

I mean look at this? The picture on the left is me on my first day of 3rd grade in 2005. I must say. I did have a knack for them and I was pretty darn cute.

The picture on the top right is with my sister, and my two cousins. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the squart AND the denim skirt, worn by my cousin? To me, that SCREAMS 00’s.

Lastly, the picture on the bottom right is some random horridly humid summer day in 2006 with my insane curly hair with my sister. We found that turtle she’s holding near a pond in my backyard. Again, look at that squart and the matching pink shirt to go with it. Apparently, I loved pirates because Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest, came out that same year. My sister was more obsessed with the series than I was.

I’ve got to say, the squarts were my absolute favorite. The combination of a skirt and short. What’s more conventional for a free spirited 9 year old girl. Let me tell you before you answer that, um… NOTHING!

Daily Prompt: New Sensation


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